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C8 by BeauTifulafFInty C8 :iconbeautifulaffinty:BeauTifulafFInty 0 1
Mature content
I am so friendly :iconbeautifulaffinty:BeauTifulafFInty 0 0
Hungry for the moaning moon
And circle of sweet caresses gently touching the night sky's stars
A lonely face melted into the moon
I swear I see a tear fall
And I circle you with arms evenhanded
Your pain will disintegrate
As we fall away
:iconbeautifulaffinty:BeauTifulafFInty 0 0
+ mine +
this is mine
whatever i have left
the fire burned down so much
but new things sprout up from the ashes
nothing's wrong
i just want to take back what i created
i gave you my heart
and i want it back
because it's mine
and you never deserved it anyway
the water is flowing around my head tonight
and i can't keep my eyes open any longer
praying for a happy end
hoping it never will
the fog won't cease on this road i ride on
my eyes are starting to shut
my hands falling on top of the nails that i drove through myself
the cold dripping from my eyes as my lips begin to crack
i stop trying to cling to something thats to slick to get a grip on
my fingers slip from the rock in the river
and i drift away under the ice
but at least i got my heart back
because this is mine
whatever i have left
:iconbeautifulaffinty:BeauTifulafFInty 0 0
Lost In You
all you can do is flatter me
you say all the things i wanna hear
and i believed you (believed you)
youre hypocritical
i dont understand you at all
you say one thing when you mean another
all of this is such a bother
i just cant let myself be bait to this anymore
its not my fault youre so damn dumb
and whenever you kiss me i become numb
its not like i have a choice
all i want is to show my voice
show my true colors
give me a hint
give me a clue
cuz baby
im so lost in you
and trying so hard
not to cry
because all my insides
are turnin up dry
im lost..
in you.
youre as funny as hell
im as tough as nails
but really were not that different at all
so maybe baby i want something more
than what youre looking for
but maybe thats just me
maybe i could do so much better
maybe i could find something better to do with my time
rather than be with you
but for right now i can only see myself with you
im searching for the ship that aint comin home
im looking for that message in a bottl
:iconbeautifulaffinty:BeauTifulafFInty 0 0
I never dream..
Hariana sat on the cold hard ground, wide awake, her cut and bruised calves wrapped in long white bandages, another bandage around her shoulder. It was raining again, but the night was completely clear of any cloud or storm. It was a perfect midnight blue, a tumble of stars speckling its widespread beauty, and then the moon. A full, flawless moon, silver and glowing above, stared down at Hariana through the light shower of water that fell around her.
Hariana didn't like staying inside. Her philosophy was that if she was inside she was in a cage, contained, caught. And nobody could ever catch her. She was the best there was, a killer, a swordsman, an archer, and she was a fearless heroine that women looked up to, despite her bad reputation. She listened to no one, and she traveled alone, and she liked it. She danced in the rain, sung in taverns, slain dragons and demons, and laughed herself to sleep. Hariana didn't need anybody but herself, like it'd always been.
:iconbeautifulaffinty:BeauTifulafFInty 0 3
Mature content
Blood Stains n Broken Fingers :iconbeautifulaffinty:BeauTifulafFInty 2 2
Mature content
Cheshire :iconbeautifulaffinty:BeauTifulafFInty 32 4
Tell Me Now
I could go about screaming my trauma into the ears of those who care, if they were there
Distance is not a matter of miles but by the heart beating too many steps behind
Running away is the only thing I have left to do now without any fear of tripping
Hiding has only worked so many times
Tell me now Tell me now
What you meant by all those words
Tell me now Tell me now
Tell me the truth for once in your life
Tell me now Tell me now
What my love really means to you
Tell me now Tell me now
Tell me what it is that I do, that makes you love me too?
Your angelic kiss makes what's left of my tattered wings shred apart
My worn out soul only lives off my broken heart
True the world has only one alternative
But sometimes it's best to speed through the red light instead
The angels that used to watch over me have drifted away
My stomach wrenching away from the rest of me
As my heart subsides
:iconbeautifulaffinty:BeauTifulafFInty 1 0
I lay my heart on the back of your hand
And watched you balance it through and through
As we lay sprawled out in the sand
The cold ocean water straddled you
Your eyes as dark and cold as ice
But your smile as warm as the sun
When I was cold you put your arm around me
And I was all right again
The sound of your voice gave me my reassurance
To go on living in this world
The cold blue sea running between our toes
As our holding hands pressed into the sand
My eyes will always say what words cannot
And my lips will never fear your touch
You can never see the world through a mirror
But I can see you standing next to me
With the softest whisper against my cheek
I know it'll be okay
As long as you keep your promise to me
I know you're here to stay
A quiet love made of the simplest of silks
The gentle secret that will forever go untold
A kiss so bittersweet it ends
As we move on through life, knowing we were together then
:iconbeautifulaffinty:BeauTifulafFInty 0 0
True Ghost
A creak in the ceiling uncertain,
A smash of glass to the floor.
Hitting with a wailing quietness,
The eerie sense of more.
A tumbling essence of silence,
Coming to rest in the door.
A timeless importance to the mother who adored you,
And to the Man who called Himself your Father.
The vibrant hiss of control in his fist,
As he threw your body against the door.
Memories tearing away like a faulty plaster,
Memories fading away, faster faster.
I tried to touch sun with bare fingers,
Only to have them burnt away.
A compliant angle of misunderstanding,
The darkest wave of true misconception in the turned up corners of your lips,
Seeling it away with one mistreated kiss.
Eyes stapled shut can only be repressed by the voice unheard,
A whisper from the ghostly voice coming from the breeze.
:iconbeautifulaffinty:BeauTifulafFInty 0 0
Lying awake with you by my side,
A lonely expense to fake to gain your sweetest kiss.
Your hand gliding against my cheek,
A lullaby so sweet
A voice inside my head,
The tickle in my feet.
You were the lullaby inside my mind,
You were the lullaby that rocked me to sleep at night.
I heard your tears as you tried to solve your misery,
Even though I was so far away I cried with you
Every time you denied the truth I knew the real you underneath those layers of lies,
You were protecting me from yourself because you knew we both had nothing else.
Your laughter was the sound that lulled me to sleep,
But your heart is what's keeping me,
A lullaby so sweet.
A haunting mystery in my ears,
You were the focus of all my fears.
And no matter how near you are,
You always seem so far,
In this lullaby you sing.
You tried to push away when i asked you for the truth,
Every answer you tried to fake just for my own sake.
I tried to help you as you sat there in the darkest corners of your mind,
Your eyes dis
:iconbeautifulaffinty:BeauTifulafFInty 1 0
Within Us
Lying awake on my bed full of lies,
A soft padding of air disguising the pillows of deceit and loneliness.
You held me awake in your eyes,
When inside my heart was asleep.
The cold numbness of a forgotten tomorrow,
Living in the world of a constant yesterday,
Dwelling in the black and white photograph of a distant memory, Erased by time and replaced with one of vibrant color.
Chapped lips against the icy mirror of solitude and quiet truth,
A trite excuse for unbelonging.
Holding hands in an unloyal bond upon a tryst of hangovers and deadly pills,
The chemical inside killing what was left of life within us
I felt it die within us
I felt it die within us as I died within you
:iconbeautifulaffinty:BeauTifulafFInty 0 0

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yeah i updated, but i cant make it into a deviation. so go check it out por favor


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